Oh Canada!

Sorry that I’ve been slacking on my blog life… Hopefully will make up some for it… But just to update the blogger world on what’s been going on with my life…

I’m no longer an illegal immigrant.. hahaha the US CITIZEN who is an illegal immigrant.. where is the irony in all that… Technically I never was in illegal status… just was visiting Canada for long period of time.. I kept leaving the country… so would return as a visitor… 🙂

So I finally received my PR… I know lots of people think o dang.. It’s taken forever, but in actuality I only applied the end of October and if you take out 3 weeks for all the holidays and all it took only about 3.5 months.. So took the amount of time it was supposed to…

Immigration people were really nice. I had these two guys who were super nice and one loves Texas and the other loves Toby Keith… too bad he’s from Oklahoma and not Texas, but I didn’t correct him.. Just let him keep talking about how wonderful Texas was.. (Random fact..did you know Toby Keith is a grandfather at the age of 48??? and has a daughter who was born in 1980?? Do you even know who Toby Keith is???) He told me he wanted a big belt buckle… I wanted to ask something else, but thought that would be too crude to ask so just kept smiling and acting like a dumb bimbo…

Now that I’m a Perm resident of Canada… what to do… I can find a job thank God.. Can go to the US and come back into Canada… without worry that Canada won’t take me back in… I guess that’s all…

So today I officially launched my job hunt.. Hopefully I’ll be able to find something…

While we went to have my passport stamped we stopped by the Fashion outlets in Buffalo and I found the most beautiful clutch purse in the world. It was a Michael Kors clutch and I regret it… What is it with Michael Kors having such an affect on me??? The clutch was this fuchsia color and was as soft as butter… So beautiful… Now I cannot stop thinking of it and I am regretting that I did not buy it… I totally pulled a “Rosita” on that.. But my friend Rosita bought her sunglasses, and I didn’t buy my clutch…

The reason I said I pulled a “Rosita” is because a couple of years ago, I went shopping with my friend “Rosita”… She went to Michael Kors about 5 times on the same day in about a 2 hour time b/c she couldn’t make up her mind about buying a pair of sunglasses.. In the end she bought her sunglasses… So I always make fun of her about how many times she went into Michael Kors…. Now I feel like going back to Buffalo and getting my soft buttery clutch… O clutch why doth thou be so expensive???? We were meant to be… 😦


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2 thoughts on “Oh Canada!

  1. Roslyn March 4, 2010 at 5:36 pm Reply

    This Rosita must be some fickle minded “girl”, but Im sure she looked so chic in the glasses in the end 😉

  2. JobinMathew March 5, 2010 at 2:31 am Reply

    Rosita? this doesn't sound right.
    I think you need to stop it with the aliases. I'm getting confused. lol

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