Bronchitis & Dallas Iceapocalypse

Sorry I have been MIA for the last two weeks almost! When I started this blog I made a goal to write something at least twice a week! This was the first time I missed my postings in the last six months. I have a good excuse… I was sick!!

I posted about The husband and I both catching a cold, well The Husband got better, but The wife got worse 😦 I ended up going to the doctor last Tuesday and got antibiotics… From the time I got home from the doctor until Friday night, I did not move out of the bed (accept to go to the bathroom and kitchen to heat up soup) I was feeling so horrible! I’m finally a bit better, the cough is still coming out randomly, but I guess it will take some time… But I am so happy that I feel better and can move around!!

So as you know I’m from Texas and this last weekend there was a big “Iceapocalypse” in Dallas. I think it started on Thursday night and everything was shut down until yesterday pretty much! The roads are still bad, apparently the ice is like pebbles and driving over bridges is still dangerous! I put together some pictures that showed up on my Facebook and Instagram and also a friend sent me a YouTube video of ice falling from the roof of an apartment building onto a car. So many cars are completely destroyed because of ice damage..

Different plants covered in ice, a truck going over the ice/snow mix, grocery store that ran out of bread!

Different plants covered in ice, a truck going over the ice/snow mix, grocery store that ran out of bread!

You’re probably thinking, a little ice and these guys are stuck inside for 5-6 days.. You have to realize, Texas is not meant for snow/ice weather! The temp should not go below 32F, and there shouldn’t be ice storms. Texas just does not have the proper infrastructure to fight this like the northern states. So when things like this happen, it literally shuts down the DFW area! I saw on my Facebook that only healthcare professionals were going to work! If certain companies had to go in, some of them called cabs and went. My friends who normally take 30 minutes to work take about 2-3 hours each way! I just wanted to say Stay Safe Dallas!


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2 thoughts on “Bronchitis & Dallas Iceapocalypse

  1. Longhorns and Camels December 11, 2013 at 6:58 pm Reply

    I had a friend who was stranded at the Dallas airport… not too happy. 🙂 I couldn’t believe how cold it got though! Amazing! I know it was a big hassle, but I have to admit I was a little envious of the Christmasy weather. 😉

    • spicyessence December 15, 2013 at 8:38 am Reply

      First Christmas away from the festivities this year for The Husband and me! So hearing all about being “iced” in and all made me feel homesick! I guess for those stuck in the airport it was not the best situation…

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