Eid Holidays!

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The moon finally came so we had 4 days of break.. For some reason, I still have not seen the moon.. I guess it doesn’t matter to anyone here..

We didn’t do anything during the vacation time, just went to the different malls and walked on the beach.. Kept it simple and relaxing. One place we went to that was very interesting was Al Qurain Martyrs Museum. This was the location of a gruesome battle that lasted about 10 hours between Iraq and Kuwait’s freedom fighters, Al-Massilah group.

We drove into the neighborhood and it looked like a quiet neighborhood and at first we thought we were lost. We kept driving and saw a sign directing us where to go, we then drove a bit more and saw a house that had holes in it, and then we drove in front and saw the remains of the house and a big tanker in front of it. I have never seen anything like this in my life so i was very curious to read and learn about what happened here. We parked and a nice man came out and welcomed us, unfortunately he did not speak English, but he showed us where to go. We went inside and there were plaques describing different events and different walls showing the ammo and weapons that were used. The one thing that touched me was the wall of the martyrs. They had frames of the men and pictures with their children and a little bit of information about them. The first man we saw was the leader of this group and he had nine kids! I had alot of emotions and thoughts going through my head about the Gulf War and all those who died during that time. I took some pictures, but they’re no so great. I found a site that has more details and amazing pictures of this battle. Click here and you can go to the site. You can see the pictures that in the mean time.




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