2013 Post

I hope everyone has been having a wonderful New Year! I cannot believe that it’s already March. I am so excited about all the exciting things that are going to be happening this year!

This year we haven’t really gone anywhere… last year around this time we were going to Jamaica so that was something amazing to look forward to, but this year we’re not really planning anything… But I have to say this  years winter has been horrible!! I am not meant for this cold weather, wish I could own a house down in the Caribbeans and live there during the winter months..  Everyday to go out I have to put on my Eskimo jacket, wear a scarf, and boots… I just want to wear regular clothes and go out, not worry about if I gloves in my pocket or do I have enough layers on….
We had a couple of days of nonstop snow, and one of the days I went out and played in the snow! This was my first real snow experience here! I’m posting some pictures of my snow day experience.
We went away for a weekend and these pictures are all from the place we were at.

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