Pinterest Meanderings…

As I was doing my usual pinterest stalking, I came across the following quote:
Spiritual Inspiration |
I sat and stared at the quote for a while just thinking, Yes thank you for being there for me when nobody else was. Time after time I come across situations/feelings of disappointment, anger, sadness and there is only one person who will never be able to disappoint me or leave me. I am so happy that there is somebody that I can always count on for that. 


Currently I am going through a situation that I have having such a hard time getting past. When this happened, I was shocked then sadness swept in, after the sadness came anger. And the anger has moved onto more anger… I am having such a hard time moving past the anger, and I have been asking God to help me get through this and take it as a life lesson. I thought I was finally getting over it, but then today something regarding this situation came up and my blood was boiling again. I don’t like being an angry person and I hope that this will go away soon. I know it’s not right that I stay angry either. 



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