Egg Rolls

I’ve been wanting to make egg rolls for quite some time and in true Jeena fashion I started researching different recipes. I’ve made egg rolls before, but that was probably over 6 years ago. So I did my research, saw all the various ways people made it and read all the different reviews and decided to try my own hand in this.

I remember when I made egg rolls before I had pressured cooked beef with seasonings and then put it the food processor to make very small pieces. This time I thought I’d try making it with pork.

First I went to the store and bought a coleslaw mix (this is easier than having to cut cabbage), green onions and egg roll wrappers. For the pork, I bought hot italian sausage.

I took the pork out of the casings and started cooking it for about 6-8 minutes. Until all the pink was gone. Then I added my coleslaw mixture into the pot and mixed it with the pork. As this was cooking, I mixed together: cornstarch, water, a bit of soy sauce, oyster sauce, and black pepper. I then moved aside the vegetable pork mixtre so that there was a hole in the center and poured my liquid mixture in and let it sizzle for a bit.Add the green onions and mix everything together. Take off the heat and keep aside until the mixture becomes cool.

Then I filled it into my egg roll wrappers and rolled it and fried it.

Yummy Egg Rolls! 


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