Left or Right… Which are you?

I was just randomly googling ad’s and I came across these two from an ad campaign that Mercedes did. 

If you look at the images you’ll see it’s about left brain and right brain. Which side of the brain are you? These days, there are so many types of personality surveys that analyze your behavioral patterns and your decision making skills.  I’ve had to take 4 different types of personality surveys at different job interviews all which played an important factor in being hired. Who would’ve thought that Carl Jung’s theories would become a test that would be the decision maker for if I am hired or not. One thing I did not like about these tests were that all my employers used this test to their advantage and to my disadvantage. One boss of mine would always tell me that this is how I will always be, but I need to be at this other level, but you will always fail and always go back to my comfort zone. Yes, thanks for saying that I will always fail!
Today my husband made a funny comment to me that had to do with how my brain works.  We’ve been looking at going away on a vacation. We don’t want to spend too much money, but want something nice also. We’ve been looking at different resorts from December, so it’s been a while and I’ve been getting frustrated looking at different links that my husband sends to me. Today he said to me, “I’m going to put everything onto a spreadsheet so that you can see the resort, the dates, the price all in one go and then you can just pick something. You’re just getting so overwhelmed with me sending you different links.” I gave him a look when he said that to me and his reply was “Hey I know how you work.. you’re all about having a list for everything… If you gave me a list of vacation properties with costs, dates, and places I’d feel overwhelmed.” But he’s correct in how I work. When I have a list of things to do and I’m able to cross things off, it makes me very happy. I think it goes to me being short term goal oriented. I need to see results fast, it doesn’t have to be a big result, but somet type of result. So being able to cross things off my list makes me happy! 


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