In a quandary…

I have been using a blackberry for about 6 years now and I just can’t seem to be able to use any other phone. But lately I have been having a few issues with my phone….

1. It will stop working and I will have to restart it, which will take about 5 minutes for a full restart when I take out the battery.
2. If I can open a site, it will take forever to load.
3. I just look at my husbands Galaxy phone and then mine and the graphics aren’t even worth comparing.
4. I can’t find any good apps…
5. I can’t play words with friends on my phone and I keep forgetting about the facebook game and since I take so long in replying I always get beat!

So I don’t know what to do…  Should I give up on Blackberry or should I hold onto my phone and believe that blackberry will come up with something better?

My favorite thing about blackberry is that it has a keyboard and my BBM! But my bbm contact list has been getting smaller…


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