Royal Shananigans

Well what a weekend.. Friday started off with the Royal wedding.. My congratulations to the Royal Couple.. I wish you two the best and hope that you have a blessed and happy marriage. 

I wasn’t so interested in the wedding. All I was really interested in was what Kate Middleton would wear to the altar.. I googled the dress on my way to work and saw what she wore and I was happy. I just couldn’t wake up early to watch the wedding… I know many who stayed up through the night and had Royal Wedding Parties and took off that Friday… 

Back to the dress… the dress was just amazing! I think Princess Kate has great taste.. It’s very understated, but elegant, perfect for the future queen… I hope she’ll be able to cope being in the limelight more than Princess Diana.. I have a feeling she will… But who knows what will happen with this high profile marriage. You never know what will happen or who will be unfaithful to whom…

O and one more thing, the Hats! Some of the most FABULOUS ridiculous hats that I have seen!! But so amazing, I want to go and buy a hat and wear it to an event also!  I will write more about the hats in another post!

It just makes me sad to see so many marriages fail these days.. I know sometimes you really can’t do anything and it’s best to separate, but then I feel with high profile marriages getting married and divorced is just the new fad… 


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