Osama Whaaaaaatttt.??? Osama Whoooo

Friday and Saturday had way too much coverage..Then Sunday.. Just a normal Sunday and all of a sudden I see random Facebook posts saying “Obama is dead”… I thought it was a joke at first, then I looked it up online and saw that the US apparently caught Obama in Pakistan and killed him… I still don’t know what to believe… I watched all the news listened to President Obama’s carefully written speech, but I don’t know what to believe. The fact that we never got to see anything of the body and that they buried him at sea.. .Going to a conspiracy theory…maybe they never found Osama and it was somebody whom they pretended to gain popularity…OR the Pakistani government was part of it and helped the US, but they have their own plans to bring down America… Who knows… If he’s dead he’s dead, but I am scared.. Waiting for whatever retalition is going to come from Al-Qaeda… But you can’t live in fear.. Sometimes I sit and think and I feel scared to leave my condo..what if I get shot, what if I get robbed… or if I’m in my condo, what if there’s an earthquake and my condo goes down..or if I drive, what if I get in an accident… or if I fly, what if my plane goes down… So many fears! But to live with all these fears you’ll end up a mental patient for sure!!!

Anyhow, back to the capturing of Osama Bin Ladan… It feels so surreal to me… After eluding 3 presidents, of all the presidents to kill Osama, Obama catches him… What does this mean for Obama’s relection chances? Two days ago if you asked me, will Obama win the next election, I would’ve said no. But now, I think his numbers will go up just for this reason alone… I hope the Republicans can come up with a promising candidate…

So what a change in the news… From the royal wedding to bringing down Osama! I am sure the Prince and Princess are happy to have the spotlight removed from them and move to Osama!


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