Generation Useless?

All I hear these days is, I’m tired of school, I’m tired of college, I’m tired of working.

I also think, how am I going to do this until I retire? Wake up in the morning and rush to get ready, come to work and work for 9-10 hours, go home make dinner eat dinner then go sleep. And you start the day over again! When I think of this, I feel very depressed! Yes, I am 26 years old and already sick of working!

I wish there was a way to stay at home and make money or just stay at home and do whatever I want. But I know, that is not possible! You have to make a living to pay the bills..

I never thought this is what life would be like when I was dreaming of my future when I was 10 years old!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my life, but I just get depressed thinking of the monotonous life!!!

My husband tells me that I need Goals in my life…. So I started thinking of things I’ve tried to do over the years and I noticed that I cannot stick to one thing! I have tried and quit so many things…

I took up tennis, didn’t last.
I played soccer, stopped that.
I looked into getting my MBA, that thought went away.
I played the violin, but ended up hating that..
I tried playing the piano, that didn’t work out…
I get on antibiotics and can never finish a full course!..
I tried reading The Book of Negro’s and I’m still trying to read that…
I have started about 5 blogs and they all are forgotten about, this is the first one I’ve been consistent with. (so maybe I have this going for me)
I try working out and quit after a while…

O and another thing I haven’t done at all…which is really unlike me because I’m usually really good about this.. I haven’t done my taxes yet! Yes, the due date is Friday and I have 2 more days to get it done… It’s just really tedious to get it done here and I’ve been pushing it off, but this morning I realized I need to get it done ASAP!

Last year when I did my taxes, I paid 200 bucks for it.. I’m also dreading that aspect… :-/… After giving the government thousands a year, I have to pay 200 to get my taxes done! UGH…

When I lived in the US, I did it on my own for free.. Well, no point in complaining… I just need to get my  butt in gear and find a place that will do US taxes!


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