Well I’m at my 3rd week at the new place… So far so good.. A few hiccups, but hopefully things will be ok.. I really like this new position, but there’s just so much to take in a learn!

I’m always scared of messing up, but I guess that’s how all new jobs are… I really hope I’ve found “the one”..job I mean.. I’ve already found “the one” that you were thinking of 😛

The people I work with are pretty nice.. The only thing I don’t understand is why they are always in by the time I get into work which is usually around 8:20AM and then by the time I leave by 5:30-6?!!! I really hope that I am not like that, but I can see myself also doing that because of the influx of working coming in.

I stopped by the old place this week and I was so happy to see my old friends. I don’t think I’ll ever be at another place like that again. The only thing I don’t miss is Pinky and the Brain! Even though the Brain was truly a Brain, he was still a jerk. And Pinky, let’s not go there… One of my friends also gave in her resignation! I think it’s hilarious that this place is such a revolving door! They don’t treat their employees properly and then wonder what’s going on when people keep leaving! One thing I’ve learned is you need to treat your employees just like you treat your clients because if they aren’t happy then they will leave. Lots of employers treat their employees badly because they see how the economy is and have the mentality that they can easily replace them with a cheaper person, but that should not be the way an employer should think. If you have a happy employee that person will stay and be loyal.

Anyhow, see below of some shots of my office.. before and after shots of my furniture! I love the new stuff.. The old stuff was so not me.. But the new furniture truly brings out the space and makes me feel good also! Hopefully I’ll keep being productive! The walls are still bare so I want to get some artwork also in here.. Let’s see what I find… 


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