India Trip Pictures

 I never finished writing about the rest of my India trip, but I took so many pictures so I  am posting pictures from the trip..  Enjoy the pics! 

We went to India during the Festival of Onam. I am still confused about what it is, but I got to see lots of cool things. The above picture is a flower design made out of flowers. The actual Malayalam name is “Athapoo”  
This is how the public transit bus looks like. It is called the KSRTC (Kerala State Road Transport Corporation). 

Yummy Fish. This is called “Kari-Meen” 

This is a tiger dance that is part of the Onam festival. This is called “Pooli Kali”  Click below to view video
My husband and I in India at his sister’s engagement
This is also part of the Onam festival. It is called “Maveli” 
This is a picture of a man that was killed the night before during a bar fight.
Policeman hard at work… 

This is a boat race that happens during the Onam Festival. This is called a “Valuum Kali”
Policeman on the phone instead of trying to guide traffic
Busy street in Kerala
Gas Pump 
Elephant in the forest of Maryoor 
Chris and Jeena written on a rock that’s been there for thousands of years
Our room at the Taj in Kochin

Current Toll going to  Ernakalum 
Future Home of the Toll Booth going to Ernakulam 
Clothes on the side to be washed
Dubai Port in Kerala 
Famous Clothing Store in Kerala 

Windmills in Tamil Nadu, near Pollachy. There were a million of these all over the place!! Go India on sustainability


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