Howdy Doo

Hello Friends! Sorry for not writing in a long time! I’ve just been so busy with everything!! Happy New Year to everyone, even though it is three months later!!!

Happy Saint Patricks day to my friends! I know many of you have been enjoying their patios today, and I have to say that today we had exceptionally wonderful weather today!! I really hope that the weather stays warm and just gets warmer! I am so sick of this weather!! Ready to wear my open toed pumps, sandals, wedges, and not have to wear my coat and scarf!!

Just an update on my life, it has been One year this month since I got my Canadian PR! So Happy One year permanent residency to me!

I also got a new job… Yes, today was actually my first day at the office! I am super excited about this job and I really hope that this is the one… I am tired of jumping around and I am looking for a place that I can learn and also grow in my career!!

What else is going on… One of my good friends moved down under!

Alright well I will make sure to update more often and also update on my cooking also….


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