The Journey Begins

I’ve been wanting to write about my India trip for since I started the journey, but I haven’t had a chance to sit and write… I’ve decided to write parts of it at a time and just post as I go..

My India trip… what can I say.. Memorable.. not good memorable.. Just memorable.. Now that time has passed by,maybe I’ll relax my stance and say I will go back.. If you asked me what I thought right after I came back, you would’ve heard a mouthful about how much I hated India and the weird smelly people there…

Leaving Toronto we had a great flight to New York..but then…our connection from New York was canceled and our flight wasn’t until the next day. So we had to wait in JFK for our tickets and also hotel vouchers for 6-7 hours.. I’m saying all this calmly now because It’s been over two months since my India trip… But boy was it a mess, I was ready to pull out my hair.. We finally got on the plane the next morning from JFK to Kuwait… After 14 hours of sitting in the plane we reach Kuwait… Once we land at 3 AM Kuwaiti time, We found out our flight doesn’t leave until the 10 that night… So then we have to wait in line to get our visa’s… so we can go out.. That took another 2 hours, but it wasn’t so bad. We were able to do a little sight-seeing and relax in a nice hotel and get some rest… The hotel provided us with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We were in Kuwait during Ramadan time. This is a time when Muslims fast during the day and then when the sun sets they break their fast. So because of that during the day no restaurants outside were open. NO Starbucks.. nothing.. you can’t even drink water in public otherwise they will put you in jail.That was a little scary because I had water in my purse… There’s no way I could go outside in the blistering heat without drinking water… But our one day stop in Kuwait was real nice…and I was excited to come back and spend our last 4 days of our vacation there. So evening comes and our shuttle to go back to the airport is here. We get to the airport and our wonderful journey to India starts…


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