You’re Not All That

Why do so many guys who are not as attractive want beauty queens? I understand, everyone wants somebody who they are attracted to. But don’t think that you’re all that and a bag of chips when you’re not.

I know so many guys who think they are hot stuff, and then want their future wife/girlfriend to be a beauty queen, who can cook and clean..

I’ve started watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and there’s a lady in the show. She was brought up in Oklahoma, and moved to Cali..She’s a smart and talented woman, but obsessed about keeping her youth. If you look at her, you will see immediately all the plastic surgery she’s had. And her over- filled lips. Then she starts talking about her husband. How he’s so rugged and handsome and just so amazing! Your first glance at him; he is so unattractive. And he is also rude, and that makes him ugly to me.

The husband thinks he’s amazing because he has millions, and the wife thinks she not good enough for him and that he’ll leave her for a younger version of her. So because of that she has to have plastic surgery so she can keep up with the younger 20 year old version of her.

How sad is that???


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