Customer Service Experiences

Lately, I’ve been getting more than my share of calling customer service and getting a CSR from India or the Philippines.. Who has the name Larry, Bob, Mike.. Clearly your name is not Larry, Bob, or Mike…

We’re thinking of buying a new laptop and my husband had a question about one of the specs.. so he calls technical support to ask.. He gets connected in about 3 minutes and is speaking to somebody from the US… My husband then says.. “O awesome, I think I’m getting a lenovo.. their customer service is in the US.. feels so awesome to call customer service and not end up talking to somebody in India..” So props to Lenovo for providing excellent customer service…Atleast the sales.. Dell has sales reps in the US also, but their tech support is abroad… Let’s see what happens with Lenovo…

Working in the service industry throughout all my career, I have learned that giving amazing customer service to your clients is the best way to go. Whether you are a doctor who is providing care for your patients, waiter serving people, business professional helping your client.. You will need to have proper customer service.

I have had so many experiences with companies providing bad service.. Even if you have 5 good times you were provided good customer service, one bad customer service experience is enough to ruin your relationship with that company.

As an employee of a certain company, you are responsible to always portray your company’s values and ethics. If your company’s motto is we are here to serve you always, then you need to serve that client/customer… I understand you have many exceptions to the rule, and nobody should be taken advantage of, but you should do the best you can to help or serve your customer/client.

I will make sure to keep everyone posted on my Lenovo experience… But for now, I’m excited to get a new laptop!


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One thought on “Customer Service Experiences

  1. Aevi August 6, 2010 at 3:45 pm Reply

    lenovo is the best out there and i had great experience with their customer service… in fact i am using the same laptop for past 4 yrs now… anyways the point is give up on windows… buy a mac

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