O no you didn’t…

Disclaimer **This is not meant to be racist at all** Everything said in good fun!!

I like to watch the Real Housewives series.. I love to watch Real Housewives of Atlanta… I think these ladies are just FABULOUS! But they make me laugh so much with how they mispronounce words. I know I mispronounce words, but these are some basic basic words that should not be mispronounced.. especially if you call yourself the cream of the crop.. ATL’s best.. the richest, creme de la creme.. I’m not talking about long hard medical terms or anything.. Basic vocabulary words.. I cringe every time I hear these words..

– Accessory.. Notice the the C.. it is not assesory..

– Ask- not AKS

– Jewelry- not JEWRY

– Library- LIBARY

– Shrimp – SKRIMP.. there goin to be skrimps and champagne…



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