Happy Mother’s Day

Everyone has a mother..Most of us take our mothers for granted… My mom always told me you’ll only understand things once you have a child.. Now being older I do see how they sacrificed so much time and all sorts of other things just for her kids… Last year I got married, so this year I have two mothers… Sadly I wasn’t able to be with my mom, but we were able to spend the evening with my husbands mom.. they I wonder how I’ll be once we decide to have kids… I think of the sacrifices.. Just of my time..my sleep.. the fact that you always have somebody needing you at all times.. You have to make sure they are fed, clean, etc.. how many diapers can a person change a day.. etc etc.. Ok, why am I thinking of all this.. But ya, just wanted to say Happy Mother’s day! Hope you all were able to do something special for your mothers.. But remember, everyday with you r mother should be given in gratitude of your mother… Don’t let today be the only day you give your mom a gift, card, or take her out.. or make dinner.. Etc…


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