Mystery Man… ???

So most everyone who’s been to my condo has seen the Lambo that’s parked… The first time I saw it the car was covered, but I screamed saying is that a Lambo???? And I undid the cover halfway and peaked…. Anyhow, in my head I had this picture of a suave man.. Tall, Dark , and Handsome.. Etc etc etc.. So I’m driving into my parking spot and Mr. Suave also pulls in his car.. And I rush out of my car to make sure I’m able to catch a glimpse of him.. And here he walks in next to me as I’m waiting for the elevator and I am soooo disappointed… Standing next to me is a guy.. Medium height.. With a scruffy bearded face… A paunch stomach.. Not fashionably dressed.. My mystery man was a disappointment 😦 My husband couldn’t stop laughing when I told him this story..


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One thought on “Mystery Man… ???

  1. Nissi July 26, 2010 at 6:21 pm Reply

    Ha ha, I would have still asked for a ride in his car!

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