Dinner today was a joint effort between my husband and I… We had a rib eye roast with a mushroom in a garlic sauce, roasted potatoes, and shrimp with an orange marmalade sauce.

The rib eye was marinated with garlic powder, salt, pepper, and Dijon mustard over night. Then we put it in the roast pan with the fat side up. You cook it for about 2 hours on 350. It depends on how you want it cooked. I try to get mine to 160-165 degrees F. I like Medium well..

Then the potatoes… make sure to wash your potatoes. I use the smaller ones that have the white, red, and the blue/purple ones in them. So I quartered them and then put it into a bowl and added some olive oil, chili powder, rosemary, salt, pepper, and garlic powder and just mixed it all together and then put it onto a cookie sheet. And then i cooked this for about 45-50 min in the oven on 350.

The mushrooms were cooked in a spoon of butter and some garlic….

For the shrimp..De-vein and take out the shell of the shrimp. Mix the Sweetened coconut and bread crumbs together- 1 cup each Add salt and paper and mix with the coconut and bread crumbs.. In a separate bowl beat 2 eggs In a separate bowl add all purpose flour. Then in a deep wok put oil and heat oil.. Then first put shrimp in the all purpose flower, then the egg wash, and last the bread crumb mixture and then deep fry. Should cook in around 5 minutes… To make the orange marmalade sauce.. Mix 1 cup orange marmalade, 1teaspoon of chili sauce, and 1 table spoon of dark rum… and heat on low heat while stirring… This will become thinner…and you can stop stirring once it is to the right consistency.

Hope you enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions…


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