Werid! Aye??!!

So just an update on what’s going on…

Sorry I haven’t been blogging lately.. Just been busy applying to jobs and going to a interviews…

So far, I got one offer, but I turned that one down.. Now I’m just waiting for another interview…
Yesterday I had a second interview with a company..

The day before I went for two interviews and they were both just WEIRD… Talk about weirdo’s.. .The first one I had to drive about 45 minutes with no traffic.. I got to the place with my usual 10 minutes to spare.. and walked into the interview.. .I’m waiting in the reception area and I’m told the person interviewing me is not here yet but will be here soon.. So about 15 minutes later a man comes in and stares at me and says well are you going to follow me up?? UUMMM OKKKK.. bc I kneew that you were the one that was interviewing me… He then takes his coffee and starts walking.. Doesn’t even shake my hand.. I walk up the stairs to their office and he takes me to their “conference room”… This “conference room” has papers in piles EVERYWHERE… I sit at the very edge and wait for him.. He sits down and starts going through the piles of papers… I’m sitting…and wiating.. and sitting… he’s still going through the different piles… Finally he stops and asks.. I can’t find my interview questions.. Do you have a resume?.. So I give him my resume.. then second question he asks after looking at my resume.. How much do you want? I tell him the amount that I am looking at.. He then says let me get somebody in to describe the job.. So this old weird woman comes in.. and starts describing the job… She looks at my resume and asks me with an accusing tone… Is it me or why do you only stay at a company for one year.. I was like well I got married and moved up to Toronto so that’s the reason… Then the mans phone rings and he just walks out of the office… She then goes back to describing the job..and she keeps talking.. about 10 minutes later the man walks back and the woman leaves… Then he’s like any questions? UUMM NO… At this point I just want to leave.. He then says to me.. We have somebody who is willing to take 10K less than what you are so that’s how things are looking… I say to him.. Ok thanks for the opportunity.. And… NO shaking hands and I just leave… WOW what an experience…

SO then in the afternoon.. I go to another interview.. They are just opening up this office so there’s barely anything in the office.. NO sign nothing.. I go up to the floor and I’m walking in circles trying to find this office… Anyhow I finally go in and there’s a girl who looks to be about 19 or 20.. and she’s wearing a tiny dress that you can see her kundi(for those of you who don’t know what this term means..your BEHIND..or as the Canadians say..your BUM) almost and some “hooker heels” and there’s a man who has Spiked bleach blonde hair and a thick silver chain with a tommy bahama shirt that has the first three or four buttons open.. and I’m like uummm did I walk into a porno movie shoot or what?? I’m already ready to run out… But I go in and sit.. There’s a lady waiting and so they take her into the conference room and I hear the interview through the thin walls.. after about 10 minutes she walks out and then I go in.. Hmm whatever happened to not having interviewees see eachother? Basic politeness/decency??? So he asks me a couple of questions..and in the end tells me that I’m over-qualified for the position.. I say thank you for the interview and run out…

O me O my.. What is up with these weird interviews… Monday was not my day for interviews for sure!!

Anyhow, that’s what’s been going on in my life..

O ya..so my husband accepted a new position so he’s working from home full time.. Which is funny bc we barely talk to each other.. If we do talk it’s through gtalk… I thought we’d be arguing or fighting with all the “quality time spending”…. LOL but thankfully so far it’s been good…


One thought on “Werid! Aye??!!

  1. Nissi April 8, 2010 at 7:30 pm Reply

    and they say canadians are not weird, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! 😛

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