Die Die Die

O Dell… You have turned yet another Die Hard PC fan into a Apple lover…

I hate you and I hate your customer service…I hate your products… I understand hate is such a harsh word and I should not be using that word as a Christian.. But you have made me feel such hatred for you!

I have never been so angry and never yelled as much as when I am on the phone complaining about your customer service.. or lack off service that is…

You wonder why your empire is crumbling… Your customer service… You cannot make a client/customer call the Canadian tech support and then say you can’t help and then have them call the American tech support and say you cannot help.

You ask what problem I was having.. When my laptop was 7 months old (Oct), the charger stopped charging my battery and it slowed down my entire computer. Also, my laptop would heat up so much that it would just shut itself down. I called Dell and explained my problem.. They said my warranty is a USA warranty so they could not help me unless I was in the US.. So then in December I went back to Texas to visit and called Dell tech support to replace the charger, battery, and mother board… They did all this.. I came back to Canada and my laptop still would over heat.. Finally last week I called and explained my problem and told them that my laptop burned me.. The man I spoke to was very nice after he heard that my laptop burned me…(potential law suit..) He said that he would replace my laptop… But I had to change the address from my Texas address to the Canadian address… I did that..and my husband received the confirmation yesterday so today I called Dell and started the long process to replace my laptop… After being transferred 5 times with US and Canada we were finally able to speak to somebody… (side note: I spoke with 5 CSR’s from India who were obnoxious and just plain rude.. did not even try to listen to my issues..just kept saying they couldn’t help me.. I am ashamed of these Indian people.. Being an Indian I have to say that these people bring shame to the rest of us.. They read a script and that is it… They don’t understand that people have real issues and their “I’m sorry ma’am that you were burned” and “I will gladly help you” or “O really” or “My name is Ken”..What Indian person has the name KEN???) I spoke to the man for a bit, and then he started giving me my options.. They had the audacity to suggest a lower performing laptop and used the argument it is better because it is a 14 inch laptop where as mine is 13.3 inches…. After about 30 minutes of arguing with them between me and my husband… We decided to get a refund for my Dell XPS 1330 and will be purchasing a brand new MacBook…

O my dear Michael….
Have a wonderful time watching your empire crumble… Your corporate accounts will all go to HP because you can’t offer decent customer service… Your home base buyers will go to Apple because they are tired of calling and being thrown around like a volleyball from agent to agent.


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2 thoughts on “Die Die Die

  1. Tania March 24, 2010 at 7:12 pm Reply

    I agree with you about Apple being the best. But I gotta tell ya…. Dell is the worst PC machine I've ever touched. I've had a toshiba (pretty good) and an HP (pretty awesome) still not an Apple, but for PC's they're great. Sony laptops are good too. Dell's suck… and there customer service sucks. They're great to buy in bulk and put in an office or a computer room at a library cuz they're cheaply made and can offer a good price when purchased in bulk. I've had my HP for twice as long as you've had your Dell and I've NEVER had to take it in for maintenance. I also have windows 7…. that helps! 🙂 Still love you! hehe

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