The things a girl does…

Before you read this I would just like to say I don’t mean to put any racial slurs in this…so if anyone gets offended I’m sorry… I’m just writing my story as how I saw it… :-/

So last Friday I went to the “MAC warehouse sale” with my girlfriend Shaniqua…

Just a little tidbit about me… I’ll pay an extra 20 bucks if I can get an item and not wait in line or to not be anywhere there is a huge crowd etc etc etc. Shaniqua calls me a pampered princesss… I call myself sensible…

Anyhow, I was told that this place would be chaotic worse than Black Friday and Boxing Day… Hmmmm I have NO idea how those two days are bc I’m usually sleeping… I just read the news about the crowds and laugh… Well I was the one you would laugh at for this..

We left our house at SIX AM.. My husband asked me to wake him up when I left so he could get ready for work..I did but then he went back to sleep… The things a man says when he sleeps to get more sleep.. hahahaha
So we basically have an hours drive to reach our destination… We’re almsot there and we’re like.. uumm did we make a wrong turn on or something.. .We were literally in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE! all there was were fields… and we keep driving and we see these gym type buildings.. So we drive around that adn see a small line up and we know we’re at the right place. So Shaniqua drops me off to stay in line so she can go to the Tim Hortons and pick up some coffee for her and a hot choc for me bc I don’t drink coffee (My body is a temple I will not contaminate it with coffee..but will drink other things that are bad for me philosophy..) and breakfast sandwiches… I thought I’d call my husband and make sure he woke up.. I call his cell a few times, but it just goes to his voicemail.. Then I call the house and it also goes to voicemail.. so I get a call back 10 min later… Did you call? And I replied.. yes.. When did you wake up? He’s like just now.. I was like did you not here the phone ring.. His reply is ya I did, but the phone’s on the other side and I was too lazy to get it… I was like uumm What if something happened to me.. What if I needed you.. What if…what if… what if i went in labor..Gotcha just wanted to check and see if you were paying attention!… he’s like ya ya aya.. hahaha O husband! I guess the honeymoon period really is wearing off…

So It’s around 7:15 and we’re the 7th person in line.. That was pretty cool… I don’t think I’ve ever lined up for anything.. O ya I did (First time for the New Moon movie & 2nd time for the Avatar movie)…Anyhow we basically stayed there until 9:30… And around 9:30 about 30 oriental people come to the front of the line. There were 2 oriental people in the front of the line. These other people just came bc those other two were holding the line for all of them. So this made everyone mad because everyone else had been staying in line for 2 hours or so.. And this caused a small riot.. With the cops coming and trying to settle the ladies down… Of course that didn’t really work… The oriental people pretended like they didn’t understand any English and then one girl from the middle of the line comes and starts screaming at them and one oriental girls starts yelling back and cussing her out… O me O my… That SHOULD have been my cue to LEAVE.. But of course not…

So finally we’re INSIDE the “venue” and they have everyone line up… Shaniqua runs ahead and I’m taking my time to walk.. We get to almost the front of the line and everyone is pushing and shoving… And all I have in mind is uumm GET ME OUT OF HERE…and the person who was trampled at a walmart on Black Friday… I was praying I wouldn’t be the one trampled to death…

10’oclock comes and they start letting everyone in.. O MADNESS! People are running everywhere… I just stood there trying to assess the situation and figure out what I need to do. In this process I loose Shaniqua.. Who has gone to god knows where and buying G knows what….

So I see purses/totes and of course I run to there.. I was able to get a nice Donna Karen tote and a black clutch… DK tote was $12 and the clutch was $4… Now i’m like hmm what to do next… So I cross paths with Shaniqua and we go to the next room which is even more crazy with people just piling things into their carts..(YES PEOPLE BROUGHT CARTS WITH THEM!!)

People had clear trash bags of perfume.. But I will say the sales were great! They had perfumes for buy 1 get one free.. All DKNY, Este lauder… etc…

And all the makeup! I did buy 3 palletes of Eye shadow… 🙂 Atleast I did something good there.. And I got a MAC make up brush set..So it was nice.. I just hated all the line-up and chaos.. You really see a women’s cattiness… LOL…

I’m a woman..stick me with 200 other women and hear me roar and let out my claws… YIKES keep me away!!!


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2 thoughts on “The things a girl does…

  1. Tania March 10, 2010 at 4:30 pm Reply

    I would have killed those oriental girls. Don't mess with me in a line.

  2. Nissi March 11, 2010 at 4:51 pm Reply

    The things us girls will do to get accessories! 🙂

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