In with the New…Out with the Old… But I wanna keep my Old….

Yesterday morning I woke up early morning (6AM) to go to the Driving Test place so that I can transfer my license. I had previously been going to the one near by my place, but it was always packed… Never any room to breathe.. And many many hours of wait… So yesterday I went to another one… I picked up my friend Shaniqua.. We stopped by Tim Hortons to get breakfast sandwichs and coffee for her and hot chocolate for me.. had our magazines and books to keep us “busy” while we wait in line…

We get to the drive test place and was able to get a great parking spot… Anyhow, we get inside and there’s barely 10 people.. We get to the desk to get a number and I got A7.. A4 was being serviced.. So we sit down and I was able to finish up my sandwich when my number was called.. I go up there and talk to the lady and told her my woes of trying to attain a Drivers License for the last 7 months.. She’s happy that I was laughing about it… So she does her thing and tells me.. You will have to give up your Texas license… I was so sad.. Tears came to my eyes.. I asked her..Can I take a picture of my license real quick..?? So I took my pic.. And gave her my beautiful Texas license. Now I will have a greenish license with a black and white pic…

Yes I should be prepared for the change, but it still hits me.. Hence my.. I wanna keep the old…


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2 thoughts on “In with the New…Out with the Old… But I wanna keep my Old….

  1. Nissi February 19, 2010 at 5:59 pm Reply

    She just wanted your Texas license because it looks so much better! 🙂

  2. JobinMathew February 24, 2010 at 11:51 pm Reply

    this is how identity theft happens man! lol

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