Crazy but Fantastic Weekend!

We had our condo professionally staged this weekend and the results were just AMAZING!! I never understood the concept of staging. I always thought staging was interior design. But there is a HUGE difference!

The difference between staging and interior design is like comparing apples to oranges… Both are fruit, but the similarities end there.

Staging is a technique that focuses on improving a property’s appeal by transforming the area to an open warm area that anyone would enjoy. Staging is primarly by sellers wanting to sell their home to potential buyers. This makes the home sell faster and usually for more money. However, staging for living is also available and it adds a more personal touch for the home owner.

We staged our condo because I just didn’t feel like tackling the unpacking or putting things together. I find it tedious and I knew that it would be done properly if a professional took care of it. I wanted to make our condo into a home and not some place we live in. And, I definitely wasn’t disappointed by the results. My staging consultant did such an amazing job.

I live in a 900 sq ft. condo and she maximized my space while making it look AMAZING and super fabulous!! My style is elegant contemporary without any fru fru.

She came on Thursday and we had a consult. She then presented her plan to me which I loved! Friday she did the shopping and started the staging on Saturday and finished up by Sunday.

Even though staging is a little expensive, it is worth the money. Our total cost in the end was less than a $1000.

You can see before and after shots at this link-!/album.php?aid=148091&id=283357024558&ref=mf

If you would like a consult or would like to see more of my stager’s work, please check out her website –


One thought on “Crazy but Fantastic Weekend!

  1. Bindu February 25, 2010 at 10:48 pm Reply

    Love the “staging”! Also, I have the same couch!(ok, different color back pillows) you can see it at my poorly updated blog —

    Bindu =)

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