Daily Log

Today was a good day productively as possible… sorta 🙂

In the afternoon I went to the Drivers License place to transfer my wonderful Texas license to Canadian. Just some background information on this. The first time I went was about 6 months ago… I went and waited in line with my sister in law, then found out the location we were at does not transfer licenses. Then the following weekend, my husband (Chris) and I went, but we were told that I need to order a drivers license history and then come back. I ordered it and got it in about 2 or 3 weeks. By then Chris and I went on our honeymoon (to St. Lucia) When we came back we found out the Driving Centers have all gone on strike and only minimal operations were being done. So I could not get my license transferred until that was over. First month finished, Second month came, Fourth month came and went.

By the time December rolled around I was told I can go to a location in the next city and the service I needed was being done. But I couldn’t go then because it was time to go to Dallas. I was in Dallas for a month and found out towards the end of my trip that the strike was over. Thank God! But they were back logged for a few months… Anyhow, today my friend (who I will call Shaniqua because she doesn’t want to be named in this blog…) started yelling at me and got me out of the house to get my license transferred. I took my passport, license, and driving history (ordered in July) hoping the driving history has not expired because stupid Canadian “drive test” went on strike.

We waited about 45 minutes in line and spoke to a Drive Test Rep and then we were put on a list to be called. So then waited another 45 minutes, but by then the facility was about to close so now I have to do this whole process again! What joy! 🙂

Then I came home and made dinner. I made chicken curry, fried rice, and yogurt salad. I will post the individual recipes in different posts.

So today I created this blog, went to the MTO office, and cooked dinner. Productive day for a couch potato!


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